Coverage & Substrate Porosity

Coverage rates will depend on substrate porosity and can vary from 2-25 m2/L. The table details the recommended products for the given typical substrate porosity. 

Sealer High Porosity Medium Porosity Low Porosity Very Dense Porosity
KMSi Seal
SilaSeal Enhance

Typical Sealer Coverage Rates

The Table details some typical coverage rates for sealers on different masonry substrates.

Typical Sealer Cover is per Coat at m2/L.

Substrate Porous Dense Honed Polished
Brick 5-6
Poured Concrete 6-7 7-8
Granite 7-8 11-12
Limestone 4-5 6-7 9-10
Marble 9-10 14-15
Porcelain 14-15
Sandstone 3-4 6-7
Slate 11-12
Terracotta 4-5 6-7
Terrazzo 9-10
Travertine 6-7 9-10