SiF Sealer Guarantee

SiF Sealers provides customers with a guarantee of up to 5 years on all sealed surfaces. Surfaces that are cleaned and sealed by an approved applicator in accordance with SiF Sealers preparation and sealing procedures are covered by this guarantee. Maintenance of a sealed surface will be required by an approved applicator who follows SiF Sealers surface maintenance procedure. Included in this procedure is the requirement that surfaces are cleaned at least every 12 months with an approved cleaning product and process.

All contaminants or foreign material including but not limited to oils, grease, foods, sugars pet urine etc must be cleaned immediately from the surface using a pH neutral degreaser.

When a sealed surface is due to be re-sealed, a detailed clean must be done prior to spraying sealer on to the surface. There is no requirement to remove existing sealer from the surface. All surfaces sealed with SiF Sealers can be easily re-sealed with the same sealer that was previously applied. Please contact your approved applicator or SiF Sealers directly if you would like further information or if you have any questions.


Jarrah Dwyer 0405 242 278

Sales/Distribution Manager