How to Apply

Developed in Australian to suit our unique conditions, see our full range or use this chart to help choose which sealer is right for the job.



  • Clean the surface then rinse thoroughly
  • Sealer can be applied to a damp surface
    • Free of visible or pooled water, broom off or use a blower to remove
    • Surface needs to be touch dry

Sealer Dilution

>>> Always add water to the concentrated sealer!

Step One

Add 5 L concentrate to 20 L bucket.

Step Two

Add 15 L of water.

Step Two

Drill mix or lid & shake ~30 sec.

Sealer Application

  • Working from the furthest point, begin spraying the sealer while walking backwards
  • Sealer should be sprayed in an even flood coat at a rate of approximately 5m2 per litre – depending on porosity
  • Sealer should remain wet on the surface for at least 5 minutes
  • Only one flood coat is required, however if the surface is very porous, additional sealer can be applied
  • Avoid over spraying sealer on surrounding surfaces.

Application to dense, smooth or non textured surfaces

  • A microfiber mop or similar is required to spread the sealer after the initial light spray
  • A second application may be required if the surface still accepts sealer
  • The surface should be buffed or wiped dry with the mop after each application.

Excess Sealer

  • Any sealer that is still present on the surface after 10 to 12 minutes will need to be removed.
  • This can be done by brooming out or blowing off pooling.
  • While it is safe to walk on wet sealer, care should be taken to minimise footprints.

Simple Guidelines

  • Don’t apply if pools of water present
  • Don’t apply to hot surfaces (>30 degC), mist with water to cool
  • Don’t allow sealer to pool, remove excess
  • Avoid contacting surfaces not meant to being sealed
  • Don’t apply if rain expected in at least 24 hours


  • Cleaning of sealed surfaces recommended every 12 months with NPH Cleaner
    • Harsh chemicals: acids, alkalines, solvents will effect sealer longevity

  • Minimal pressure required
    • Contaminants/dirt will be close to surface

  • Time to reapply? – NO STRIPPING REQUIRED