Si20-DS is a ready to apply, silicate-siliconate based densifier, sealer, hardener and dust proofer for concrete and cementitious substrates. Si20-DS penetrates concrete and reacts to form a permanent Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) structure within the pores. Treated surfaces repel water and provide protection against water based staining, are harder and stronger with a permanently reduced porosity reducing the movement of water and minimising efflorescence.


3-5 m2/L on new and old concrete


Densifier, hardener, dust-proofer and water repellent sealer


Concrete, limestone, may cause darkening of surface


Strengthens and dust proofs concrete, water beading

Key Advantages

  • Creates a permanent stronger, hardened structure
  • Repels water and provides protection against water based staining
  • Surfaces are dust proofed
  • Reduces efflorescence and water movement
  • Reduces organic growth on surface
  • Solvent and VOC free
  • Environmentally friendly

Important Notes

Si20-DS is a penetrating densifier/sealer. It reduces substrate porosity and bonds with substrate capillary surfaces. The capillaries however, remain open therefore prolonged contact of water-based stains increases the likelihood of staining. It is strongly recommended that stains should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid permanency. Si20-DS may darken some substrates.

Concrete Preparation

The surface to be treated should be clean and free of all contaminants. Contaminants may require chemical or mechanical removal for Si20-DS to penetrate the concrete pores and function effectively. Adequate porosity can be assessed by applying water droplets to the surface. If the droplets do not penetrate within 2 minutes then Si20-DS may not function properly and may be ineffective. The surface can be damp or wet, however Si20-DS should not be applied to a surface that has pools of water. The pools should be removed using a broom or cloth prior to application.
Do not apply Si20-DS if rain is expected within 24 hours of application.
Do not apply if extreme weather conditions are expected.
Do not apply if surface temperatures are above 30degC or below 5degC – warm surfaces should be misted to cool prior to application.
New concrete must be properly cured before application of Si20-DS.


Si20-DS is ready to apply and should be mixed well before use. A test prior to application must be performed to assess the suitability of the product. Si20-DS may be applied using a low-pressure hand sprayer then, if required, lightly worked into the surface using a broom or mop type applicator. Ensure even application over the entire surface to be treated. The surface should be impregnated to saturation point. Additional coats of Si20-DS may be required and must be applied wet on wet. Do not allow pooling of sealer. Pools can be spread out using a soft bristled broom. Excess product must be removed before drying to avoid the formation of any white residue. White residue can only be removed by mechanical means such as sanding or grinding.

Si20-DS is alkaline and may damage other surfaces. Any overspray or splashes on adjacent surfaces such as glass, metal or painted surfaces should be immediately wiped clean.
Avoid traffic for at least 24 hours. Equipment clean up can be performed with water.

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