Where are SiF Sealers made?

Created in Perth by chemist Carl Urbani. Working with a local exterior cleaner, the SiF Sealer Range has been made specifically for the Australian climate.

Can anyone use SiF Sealers?

Yes. We do offer regular training events, however anyone can buy and start using the product – just follow the instructions.

How can you choose which sealer to use?

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Where can I buy SiF Sealers?

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What are the Coverage Rates?

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How can I check the porosity coverage rates?

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What is an Approved Applicator?

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How long does it last?

Up to 5 years…

Q. Why ‘Up to’?

A. Varying exposure

Shorter Life ~2-3 years

Harsh cleaning chemicals used Pool area, repetitive exposure to chlorine Outdoors

Longer Life ~>5 years

Mild cleaning chemicals used Undercover, indoors Walls

IMPORTANT Water Beading Info

Monolayers of sealer remain and cure on top of the surface These layers are exceptionally hydrophobic which delivers the exceptional water beading Once these top layers are removed, so too does the aesthetic bead…BUT the sealer is still below the surface performing its job!


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